The style is characterized by a medium to full body, a malty flavour, and a clean dry finish.[citation needed] In Germany, the term covers beers which vary in colour from pale (Helles Märzen), through amber to dark brown (Dunkles Märzen).[3] Common names for Märzen include Märzenbier, Wiener Märzen, Festbier, and Oktoberfestbier.

The Austrian style is light in colour, body, and flavour balance, and is the most popular beer style among the beers in Austria.[4] Austrian Märzenbiers often use caramel malts that impart a sweeter flavour than their German counterparts.[citation needed]

Brewers in the Czech Republic also produce pale, amber, and dark beers in the Märzen style, called respectively 14° Světlé Speciální Pivo (light special beer), Polotmavé Speciální Pivo (half-dark special beer), and Tmavé Speciální Pivo (dark special beer).

Żywiec, a Polish brewery, produces a Märzen style lager called piwo lager typu marcowe (March type lager beer), or simply “Marcowe”.

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